GT Power Car Sound & Light System V2


GT Power Car Sound & Light System V2

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Key Features
  • No matter what electric R/C model car you have the one thing it lacks is the real throbbing sound of a V8 Muscle engine or a high performance two litre 400BHP Turbo engine revving away as you put the power down.

    But not any more!

    Now you can choose from more than 50 engine sounds to make your car stand out from the rest. Also included with this sound system is a fully functional light set with 12 LED Bulbs so you can shine at night as well.

  • Over 50+ Engine Sounds
  • Realistic Lighting
  • Simple To Install
  • 60W Slimline Speaker
  • Customisable via USB
  • 12 LEDs and Mounting Clips



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