Birchwood Casey Shoot N C Targets


Birchwood Casey Shoot N C Targets

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  • Features:

  • ~ Each hit on the target explodes in colour
  • ~ Self adhesive targets with an endless number of uses
  • ~ Spend more time shooting, less time checking targets for hits
  • ~ Suitable for all calibres
  • Make target practice more interesting with Shoot-N-C targets. Stick them to anything to add that extra element of fun - coke cans, tins or other targets.

    Shoot-N-C targets are also ideal for the range as each shot instantly explodes in colour. You wont need spotting scopes or binoculars to see where you hit these!

    Each target includes black paster stickers, which means that the same target can be used again and again!

  • ~ Re-usable, supplied with black pasters to stick over holes and use again!

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