Bisley 7 Litre 300 Bar Air Cylinder


Bisley 7 Litre 300 Bar Air Cylinder

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These Bisley filling kits are the finest on the market with the following advanced features: 

  • MDE "Jubilee Valve" - Reduces the flow rate as you fill the airgun, this makes it harder to accidentally overfill your airgun.
  • 300 Bar Fill Pressure - Gives many more fills than cheaper 200 & 232 Bar cylinders.
  • Supplied with both 1/8 & 1/4 female thread fittings to suit most airguns (no filling adaptors included).
  • 5 Year Test - Only requires testing after 5 years from date of manufacture (usually in the last 6 - 18 months), many inferior cylinders require testing every 30 months.


Complete Kit - Supplied With:

  • 300 Bar Steel Cylinder.
  • Gauge - Shows the pressure you have filled your airgun to.
  • Valve - To control the pressure as you fill your airgun.
  • Bleed Valve - To allow you to safely disconnect airgun after filling.
  • Hose - 1/8 BSP Female Fitting.
  • 1/4 BSP Fitting for BSA / Theoben buddy bottles.
  • 7 Litre - 70cm Tall, 9.4kg (With Boot)

Please Read

  • This airgun filling kit is for filling airguns only - non of the components are designed for any other use (including diving).
  • The cylinder is supplied empty - you will need to have it filled before use.
  • No filling adaptors are supplied, the hose has a 1/8BSP female fitting - the hose can be unscrewed to give a 1/4 BSP female fitting. Please ensure you have the correct filling adaptor / probe for your specific airgun.
  • No test certificate is supplied or needed with new cylinders, the month and year of manufacture (usually in the last 6 - 18 months) is stamped in the cylinder.
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