LED Lenser X14 Xtreme Torch

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The Led lenser 8415 incorporates power, transformation and technology which gives this lightweight torch an incredible 59 Lumens of light from 1 x AA alkaline battery. This Led lenser 8415, focus and reflector systems feature advanced technology that pumps up the light produced by the LED.

The result is a broader, deeper and more powerful beam of light without usual dead spots This Led 8415 flashlight features Ledco's advanced reflector system for a more and intense beam. This Led 8415 has advanced focus system that combines a patent pending lens and reflector systems to provide stageless transition from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam.

Thanks to the Led lenser focusing systems, dead spots in flashlight beam are a thing of the past. Only LED Lenser can give a pure white, sharply focused beam from spot to flood, and everything in-between.


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